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  1. yesss cheaper and way better option...bcz the dyson one is actually just normal function like any other hair dryer, not like the Panasonic na98 ☺️☺️☺️ I think its just heavily marketed haha no!! its really not, just normal function..so better just get the Panasonic one la your welcome, hv fun shopping! 😊
  2. dyson more expensive..around RM1K or RM2K, so actually this hair dryer is way more worth it imo, also the function and quality is wayyy better than dyson! dyson is just overhyped yes yes, if u notice the shopee link under the payment there is option to pay installment... around RM149 per month its worth it la if you wanna pay for quality hair dryer, so far im really satisfied with how smooth and shiny my hair is :))
  3. its Panasonic na98, I think u should really consider this one bcs it has the temperature sensor thingy where the device will adjust its heat according to their surrounding air temp... so your hair won't get too heated! honestly such a savior to me.. Panasonic na-98 babe ☺️ here's mineee its super nice, srsly I don't wear a hijab but I understand the need to take care of it more since ur hair is trapped all day.. u need better hair devices tht wont damage ur hair further https://shopee.com.my/Panasonic-EH-NA98-NANOE-HAIR-DRYER-MOISTURE-EH-NA98-K655-i.62541355.4917074188 heres the link, I bought the pink one hehe
  4. maybe u should change your hair dryer, mine doesn't make my hair feel overly dry at all and it even gives out water particles so ur hair can maintain its moisture I don't even have to use extra oil or serum anymore after using the hair dryer, bcs it already feels great
  5. its not expensive, trust me bcs ive seen a doctor for this condition..i think its psoriasis, bcs u mentioned it being flaky right? the term for it is actually scaly, like u have second skin thts about to come off I get it too when im stressed out. my doc just gave me a cream, its called candid-b and I think u can just get it at the pharmacy, not expensive so dun worry it does take time for it to fade tho, u hv to be patient 😩
  6. sureee, here's a link to their shopee acc https://shopee.com.my/Panasonic-EH-NA98-NANOE-HAIR-DRYER-MOISTURE-EH-NA98-K655-i.62541355.4917074188 can keep updated for future promo. last time have for 11.11 sale ☺️ so maybe they'll hv a 2.2 sale
  7. hair dryer how hard to use...heheh especially the na98 its colour so nice, bcs its my faveee pink 🥰 ..that apart its not just benefitial for hair le got 3 functions : hot n cold lo the basic thennnn scalp n skin.. electrical shop got but i prefer to buy from online shopee sometimes got like coins rewards or discount
  8. yes this hair dryer is suitable for any hair type. It has some tech that can tell how dry ur hair is i think then it will adjust the heat
  9. yes but i prefer use hair dryer Panasonic na98 because it has various button to control the heat while drying the hair. Thus, the hair wont get hot easily
  10. this might be one of the cause. so i think if the hair is too thick, we need to comb and make it has air flow a bit while drying the hair
  11. maybe because is very famous brand and the reason the price is that steep. The function i think local also have similar with its is good to use sesame oil also. It is also one of the natural products to moisturize the hair. For me, i use virgin coconut oil
  12. Cute Jun

    hm bad news

    yes thats why better change engine oil by yourself. it's easy you can just google it if buy directly from shell got discount? wow that's amazing
  13. Cute Jun

    hm bad news

    i use shell helix hx8 for my car... and i think it's better than any other brands ive used Shell helix ultra is the old type engine oil of shell . now try using shell helix hx8 new oil from shell. it's quite popular because of the quality is good improvement on my car engine oil ! fully engine oil is quite pricey, if low budget can also use sem engine oil.
  14. Cute Jun

    hm bad news

    yeah shell helix hx8 is the latest oil and makes your engine performs better depends on your milleage and quality of engine oil you used. try use shell helix hx8. it makes engine feels as light as a feather on the road
  15. Cute Jun

    hm bad news

    is it good? why i never heard about it before online shop sometimes not really trusted. i am afraid of buying fake oil because i dont know how to recognize ori oil yeah you need to service your engine for maintenance. if not the engine must be replaced like this la
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