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  1. My suggestion is that , if worry about the source of water please use water purifier to make sure all the bacteria get killed . I am currently using Coway and it did help to make sure the clean water yes~ this is one of the reason i go for Coway , its very convenience for my grandma correct ! Coway have their superb service . They come to service the water purifier every two months until my pet can recognize the technician already haha
  2. 顺道想说说 现在的后付配套都蛮贵的 还是拿预付配套比较好和省吧~
  3. 其实现在的plan真的都大同小异吧 也没有什么卖点或者吸引点的啊~
  4. don't think these game will attract Malaysian.....it's abit too good to be true and I don't think everyone have the time for play the game right... students need study and adult need work... and normally these games need players or gamers to subscribe the game , then they have to pay extra for these games , kind of wasting money..
  5. 不好意思啊 我上次没有mention到 其实我是寻找刺激的 什么类型都可以 可以比赛那种更好 其实你讲的这种是算tournament来的 这些比赛需要收费是属于正常的 不算什么骗钱啦
  6. 朋友们 , 最近啊 我发现超多人玩终极狼人杀的 可是我自己是觉得浪费时间又不好玩 可以介绍一些更刺激好玩的游戏吗? 最好是有挑战性的呵呵
  7. 朋友们 , 最近啊 我发现超多人玩终极狼人杀的 可是我自己是觉得浪费时间又不好玩 可以介绍一些更刺激好玩的游戏吗? 最好是有挑战性的呵呵
  8. 那mabel你有想过大概要怎样款式的沙发吗 还是你的冷气有比较看重什么功能吗?
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