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  1. my house area the shell station staff also friendly, but that is not the point for me to keep pumping petrol from the station, i still enjoying with flexible station, haha, no need use card to collect point and worry of miss out any cheap redeem items.
  2. for me, i dont choose which to go, as long as convenience for me then i go, i feel some ppl saying that petrol station petrol not that power, some other petrol station more power, for me all are just same...
  3. did you subscribe any music membership? some music app membership do provide offline streaming... anyway can see lot of telco do have music plan also, giving you lot of data for stream music
  4. YA! I just sign up since they are giving 10 times of points, like RM10 we spend it can get 30 points, it is easy to collect the points right now... Apart from this, their minimum required to apply the credit card is around RM2000 per month only...
  5. 其实perodua也是砍的 最好是找朋友看下哪里有比较熟的车厂会比较好 现在我的车也是给朋友的朋友弄 收便宜很多 好像有点小问题都没收钱 都是算货钱 人工收一点 viking也不错 两个牌子都是continental公司的品牌 属于比较亲民价格的品牌 我两个都用过 个人觉得viking比较耐用 我用了3年 花纹还有 不过还是换了 一般轮胎3年就要换了 安全第一
  6. if possible, you should take a try on iphone 7, you will interest on it, i mean addicted, user friendly more than android once you use iphone, rm40 for the internet plan is not enough, you imagine the screen is so nice, takkan you will no watch youtube or play game? i think the first gold plan is quite suitable for iphone user, so huge the quota given
  7. really? i do see the comparison chart before, seem like other telco more cheaper, but i heard that recently first gold or platinum just upgraded their quota,right?
  8. wow dude, the resolution of this youtube is so big, full of my screen with her face, pretty girl ever
  9. 哈哈,我也意外发现到,可是我看其它论坛也会有其它语言的栏目啊。。。
  10. 有没有其它其它地方的?
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