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  1. 原来是celcom的服务啊~ 谢谢啦 那我会再research多点的 谢谢啊
  2. 最近想换telco plan可是没有头绪 我觉得大概都是大同小异 , 请问有什么介绍吗?
  3. yeap true. my intention is just to see and compare which telco come with better offer but I do agree telco C is not not bad choice, so I will have a look over there
  4. at least there is some update from official website , it makes me more comfortable . I am really surprised with grand prizes so I guess I want to download and try out then give feedback here later hee , thx for all response and update ya ;-)
  5. alright~ at least I get to know from here this game is not a scam then I may try download this game
  6. I saw a game tournament wic is organized by clcom and it written their grand prizes are total up Rm500k , but it is a mobile game I guess , never thought of mobile game can have tournament too it sounds a very good and interesting idea but I still worry it is scam , any one know more details bout this game? pls share
  7. 你说的狼人杀我也有玩涅 我是觉得用来消磨时间是挺不错的 那你想要找什么类型的游戏呢?杀人的 赛车的 智力的 还是怎么样的呢?
  8. 对于york的节能功能之前就有听说过了 可是净化空气我就不太清楚了 但是这种功能对哮喘患者会比较好对吗 空气也比较清新 那么谢谢大大的介绍了 我会再去找找的~
  9. 小女子最近搬家了 求各位大大们推荐好家具 最重要的是冷气机和沙发 请大大们分享自己用过什么是比较好的