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  1. But postage is dangerous also wor, coz even ur phone got lost during the procedure of posting, they wont compensate u a new phone or the original price, maybe just few bucks...
  2. Online purchase is seriously not safe at all, u might get fake phones... Better buy directly from samsung store, 100% real product Getting new phone by signing contract with a telco plan is another choice also, but that will costs much more than necessary as most of the time, u will end up paying few more thousands for the cost of phone and data altgt
  3. Lol then I think it's better for me to get data plan instead? I'm okay with full payment, but if can pay with installment, definitely that will be better haha
  4. Is purchasing new phone from telco plan worthy? Many telco companies are offering kinda great deals nowadays, which makes me really wondering if i should go for it! Though, most of them consist of a compulsory contract like at least one year... What do u think?
  5. 是啊 想sheryn说的 我觉得你可以考虑试看share data咯~最近celcom推出的gbshare就不错 share data的同时又可以拿到便宜的手机
  6. Well I heard this promotion is until the very end of July only? but not 100% confirm also lah haha
  7. Ermm is buying online safe? I'm afraid of getting a fake phone instead... And I won't be able to get any warranty from Samsung if I bought it online right? That means I'll only be paying RM145 per month? Sounds quite a good deal, but do I have to bind with the contract for its data plan?
  8. Hello my friends. As you know, Samsung has recently launched its S8 which is attractive in both its design and functions, However, its price seems a little bit too expensive if I am to purchase it from Samsung store. Hence, I am looking for those electrical stores or telco plans which can offer me the best price to purchase to purchase this phone! Any recommendation plsss?
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