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  1. Holidaying in Langkawi when I saw a bunch of women coming to the lobby with some cream on their faces. I thought they were wearing sunscreen but when I asked them they were raving about this clinic that does botox and thread lift in Langkawi. I always wanted to do botox but being the scary cat that I was. I never did it in kl. but I decided to give this a try. Aishah specialist clinic is a quaint clinic in pekan rabu Langkawi . It's a bit hard to find as it sits in the corner but I googled it and the taxi driver knew the place. Dr Aishah is a consultant specialist who does the procedures. She is very pleasant and herself extremely beautiful. She does not take any money for consultation and I had 2 areas of botox and I did the butt lift with thread. The results now after 2 weeks is amazing. I'm scheduling another appointment next month and my sister is following me. I guess the unique thing about Langkawi is that you get everything Done rest up and then go back to the crazy life you had just looking and feeling better. The price is cheaper than the ones I googled in kl and definitely you don't get it done by a specialist like dr AISHAH.. They have a website and I advise anyone going to use it as the clinic can be busy at times
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