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  1. to get younger looking skin, you need to eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. Sulwhasoo is good beauty product for anti aging cream
  2. just buy through online shopping malaysia
  3. used this one INNISFREE Forest for Men Grooming Set
  4. wow salon formulation. is it same like Innisfree one?
  5. try to change your shampoo to Korean beauty product maybe it can help you
  6. Anyone know where to buy cosmetics product from Korea's brand such as Missha and Hera?
  7. I use hand cream from etude house and it was great with a cute packaging and all.
  8. never heard before bcos i use Laneige night cream. will try it
  9. choose a suits beauty product that can fit on your face. It really important.
  10. For the better skin care I suggest to use skincare regime from SKINFOOD and for the one whom really fans of facial mask go for Innisfree or the face shop
  11. eye serum is an important thing for women who doesnt want to look to old in their folks age. I suggest Sulwhasoo as best eye serum.
  12. i love all korea cosmetics and skincare too
  13. i just use foundation from Laneige and love for the results.
  14. Its quiet normal actually. For me, we need to find a suitable cleansing product for our skin. I used Sulwhasoo all this time. Its expensive but it looks well on me. I have some skin problematic too and oily but when I change into Sulwhasoo skincare regime. everything seems pretty well. You should try.
  15. I just try the mask collections of The Face Shop and LEADERS Insolution masks. It makes my skin feels so fresh and smooth. For the cleansing product I used SKINFOOD because I have some kind of believe the benefit of the product is much more better for my skins. I always bought online shopping yet it is so much easier.
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