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  1. depend what location you want to go, domestic flight 500 can redeem already...
  2. what kind of big point? sephora membership?
  3. When you confuse like and hard to decide better try all and experience its yourself... hahaha, after try so many brands still feel shell helix hx7 give the better performance... personally feeling... maybe need try few more month i able to share what is helix hx7 performance...
  4. My Honda service free warranty almost end... what should i do... I heard my friend said will be great if go back own brand service centre but high cost... if outside worry to get cheat... Dilemma
  5. 如果你那电话肯定有提携条件的咯,可是配套只在这个月而已。过了连电话什么都没有。 但是哦,如果你那了电话多数没那么快又换电话的对吗?所以可以考虑考虑啦。。。 想了又想我还是签购了,share hotsport不是不好就我电话的电很快没了。 所以分享数据还是最好的办法...普通普通用就好了,好过那些没机会share又用不完的数据浪费哦
  6. 怎样share的?因为我朋友用着celcom的也是可以share,他叫我换去celcom比较好。 可想用我爸爸的数据share给我,因为他每次都用不完的...
  7. Previously I though is celebrate with raya they come out this package… Now it is still available… during raya has spend money to travel, now is time to change new phone while it is still under promotion…
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