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  1. its better go for brazillian wax. Shaving is always itchy after shaved. Besides. after waxing it takes longer time to grow. Shaving grow faster
  2. me too. When i'm alone in my apartment, i normally do my housework such as ironing, washing, sweeping in the nude (of course with all the windows and doors are closed).
  3. I'm lesbian. I mostly do full body massage for ladies, but not much of beauty and slimming treatment. I also do spa treatment. Will that do?
  4. Hi, i'm new here. hope i can meet more friends, especially with girls. I like to hangout with girls Im a lesbian btw, So guys, dont try
  5. yes! i believe its useful when we go outdoors. I see some public toilets, the seats are dirty and sensitive to our skin when sitting. So this comes very handy. Also I also come female urinals for women who can stand and pee. Its quite popular in Japan and most Europe countries. In Malaysia, I already see some nightclubs already have these urinal bowls in ladies loo, but has partition and doors. So it still doesnt expose ur butt to others whose queue behind u
  6. Good advice ! I just read it cause I just newly join the forum. Thanks anyway! Also I reliazed when we peeing or pooping, its better to squat than to seat. It's easier to wash our private parts
  7. Yeah! I feel the same way too! I like being nude if the place an all ladies place. Even after gym session, inside changing room, we changed our clothes right at our lockers
  8. Yes I do wear sometime, I feel easier when go to toilet
  9. For those who said malaysian toilets are horrible, u never been to countries like Nepal, Sri Lanka. The toilet floors can be muddy, and the worse still, there are no doors. Imagine u squatting and pooping there, anyone passers by can watch u poo
  10. I wonder does breast massage really help?
  11. yes i would love too! i always looking someone who wants to be nude togther. I'm a malaysian lesbian btw, We're comfortable being nude, lookng for a place we can be nude togther with other ladies
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