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  1. Hello, I am a qualified language instructor from Moscow. I teach languages in different institutions in KL. I offer private tuition as well. Currently, Russian (native) and Spanish classes to adults around jalan Ampang. If you want to find out more, please, feel free to contact me +601112805722
  2. Do u have any idea, what could cause hairloss in Asia? Cz i got to know this problem exits almost everywhere is asia: china, vietnam, etc. All my friends and work mates in KL suffer from this. My diet here is poor, but i take supplements. Visited a doctor. She assured me, i dnt have any sign of any desease which causes hairfall (anemia, etc). Thats all is very weird. Whats is wrong here in malaysia? I wash my hair everyday. Tried multiple shampoos, from safi to organic. What else should i do?
  3. Dear babes, plz help me!!! I am from Russia. My hair had always been amazing and strong. No health problems. I came to Malaysia in 2012 and immediately it all started(((( terrible hair fall. Now 50% of my hair is gone. 95% of foreigners living in Malaysia suffer from the same problem. When I go back to my country its just back to normal. What to do!! Help!!
  4. Does anyone know anything abt dr. Ruslan Johan from Ko scin specialist? Is he good for plastic surgery?
  5. Hi guys! Can u plz suggest a good surgeon/clinic to perform plastic surgery? I need lower blepharoplasty (eye bag removal). Has anyone done smth like this? Can u suggest a place with reasonable price? Thank u!