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  1. RM40 Black dress (H&M) SIZE: Bust 74-85cm (Adjustable straps) Waist 100cm Skirt length 54cm Condition: 9/10 RM40 Black slim dress SIZE: Bust 76-80cm (Elastic back strap) Waist 78cm Skirt length 43cm (from waist to below) Condition: 10/10 (less worn) RM30 Pink sheer cotton top (H&M) SIZE: Bust 116cm Waist 120cm above Shirt length (front) 55cm; (back) 64cm Condition: 9/10 (rarely worn) RM30 Pink ankle boots SIZE: 5 Condition: 9/10 (rarely worn) RM20 Cream ankle boots SIZE: 5 Condition: 9/10
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