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  1. I am Dr. Grainne Kirwan (female), a chartered psychologist (British Psychological Society) and an Associate Professor in HELP University Kuala Lumpur Department of Psychology. I am conducting research on how people seek support and information during fertility treatments and pregnancy, and I would like to meet and interview women (and their partners, if available) who have experienced one or more of the following: · Pregnancy · Fertility treatments of any kind · Problems conceiving · Miscarriage · Ectopic pregnancy I am conducting interviews from now until 11th August 2015. Ideally interviews will take place in my department office (Wisma HELP, Jalan Dungun, Damansara Heights), but alternative venues can be arranged if preferred by the interviewee. Interviewees will also be asked to complete some psychological questionnaires. The entire process should take less than two hours. All information collected during the process will be anonymized and confidential. Interviewees will have travel costs from within the greater Kuala Lumpur area reimbursed, and a RM 100 donation will be made to each interviewee’s chosen charity as a token of gratitude for your time. If you are interested in participating, please contact me: · Email – grainne.kirwan@help.edu.my · Mobile (call, SMS or Whatsapp) – 011 3357 2153 My thanks to the Malaysianbabes admin team who approved the posting of this request! Grainne
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