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  1. I've had my belly button pierced right after SPM. It's kinda like a declaration of independence, lol... My parents found out 4 years later, lol... My dad went 'what the hell is that?!" LOL LOL
  2. My ex bf is a cancer and I'm a scorpio... in the beginning I've always thought (or at least had it in my mind) that we were perfect for each other (thanks to my obsession with starsigns and such) ... But I've learnt that you can only believe/trust the signs to a certain extent, not be blinded by our supposedly blissful match to notice the cracks in the relationship.. Anyways, my current partner (the love of my life, if I dare say so) is a Scorpio/Sagitarrius.. I am certain that all the signs compatibility reports would say how incompatible we are, but he is one of the most wonderful ppl that I've ever had the fortune to know AND we have the best chemistry AND we could practically read each others' minds ... So, there you go...
  3. Well, I believe we were talking about partners, not dads... Besides, how could you compare the lingerie department/store to a whorehouse? Ain't that a bit harsh...
  4. cossie, how very unmetrosexual of you... My bf would follow me to the lingerie department/store and will be ever so happy to help me pick up a few pieces Back to the topic, no particular preference, but generally thongs, g strings and bikini bottoms.. not a fan of boy briefs though
  5. I think it depends on how high your heels are... if you're going clubbing that's fine and it looks great. But if it's just for normal shopping or whatever, it could look a tad bit skanky I usually pair my minis with pretty sandals or knee length boots in winter...
  6. wendy! Shhhhhhhhh That was a couple of years ago, I no longer do modeling nowadays lol wildberry, not sure if your question was directed to me, but yeah, I'm with Fitness First
  7. What the other gals said is right... What are you looking to achieve? Yoga is more spiritual and calming for the mind.. but if you want a more toned body, I recommend Pilates
  8. I've done a few assignments under Andrews. Mainly ads, editorial, launch parties and catalogues. I missed out on a few too cuz I had to juggle between modeling and college.. At one point I was supposed to go to HK for modeling along with Carmen Soo and the lot, but I had to leave for Melbourne to further my studies That was yonks ago too, lol I signed a 2 year contract agreement with Andrews. In which within that 2 years, I'm not allowed to be represented by any other agencies or even freelancing. Bound by an agency has its pros and cons. The work could be limited but it's a good way to get your foundation sorted in the modeling industry. Unless you have lots of contacts that could land you alot of assignments then by all means it's best to do freelancing Wendy, you have the height If you're really interested, there's no harm in sending in your profile. Your height might land you several catwalk assignments, you don't need a flawless complexion for that Besides, I dont' think you have a bad complexion, I think you're just self paranoid lol
  9. I was scouted by several other agencies but I'm really interested in Andrews. So I sent my profile to them You have the height! Which is a GREAT thing! I'm probably the shortest Andrews has ever signed. I'm only 5'5.... lol
  10. Hi michelle, Yes, heard of NARS... they're most reknown for their bronzers, blushers and gloss... Over here in Australia, they're quite pricey, not sure if you can get it in KL though...
  11. Gym 4 days a week. That includes 45 mins of cardio and maybe Pump, BodyCombat or Pilates class
  12. I agree Bernard is the BEST!! I got my deal through my modeling agency... he does hair, makeup and photography, talk about talent! Go Bernard
  13. My new fav is Bloom lipgloss in Tangerine. Nice pink coral colour
  14. Hi girls, Is MNG still on sale?? I'm going back to msia tonight, I can't wait!! Soooo excited!
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