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  1. Ok...this happened about a year ago...I found out my now-husband went out for a dinner and movie with his female colleague alone together about 2 months before our wedding. We had a HUGE row about it, and almost called off the wedding. He kept insisting they were just friends and the reason he didn't tell me was because he knew how I would react. But it deeply hurt me...even more so because we've been together for more than 10 years and were high school sweethearts. He regretted his actions and promised me he won't ever go out with her again and that that time was the only time he did...and swore nothing else happened... Slowly we moved on from that phase, got married and I really did see him avoiding her and they eventually grew apart as close friends. Now, they don't even whatsapp anymore, and she has also gotten engaged with someone else and have left the company... So I supposed we're at a good place now, especially now that we're expecting our first child...he is really attentive and loving to me....so I guess that's all in the past.... The issue lies with me now though....I CAN'T forget about what happened even after a year....everytime I recalled that incident, I get really moody and upset...and I can't keep bringing it up with him as it would only put a strain in our relationship...I can see that he's trying his best to be the best for me...and I appreciate it...and I think deep in my heart somewhere, I don't think anything happened...because I know him realllly well and he isn't the kind who would do a stupid mistake like that to put our relationship into jeopardy.... So what can I do to REALLY forget about what happened, move on, and focus on our relationship right now? I'm sorry for blabbering on and on....but you can see how much this is bugging me :/
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