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  1. Hey girls! I have some cosmetics up for re-sell. I bought all this during the sales but didnt use. Please take note that all the prices are set according to what i paid for So if you are interested do mail me at m20_m23@hotmail.com or pm me here Thanks! 1. Item: Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Face Powder Colour: Honey Price: RM10 2. Item: Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation Colour: 22 (Natural Beige) Price: RM15 3. Item: Maybelline Color Wear Blush Colour: 01 (Strawberry) Price: RM10 4. Item: MAC Softsparkle Eye Pencil Colour: AB6 (Nightsky) Price: RM30 5. Item: MAC Kohl Power Eye Pencil Colour: A17 (Feline)) Price: RM30 6. Item: MAC Pigment Colour Powder Colour: AC6 (Provence) Price: RM30 7. Item: MAC Pigment Colour Powder Colour: A67 (Sweet Sienna) Price: RM30 8. Item: Estee Lauder Palette Colour: Eyes (Rose Confetti, Cinnamon, Midnight, Berry Iice, Ivory Box, Smokey), Blush (Nude Rose, Fresh Plum), Lips (Berry Truffle, Sweet Lychee, Rose Tea) Price: RM70 9. Item: Estee Lauder Eye Palette Colour: Ivory Box, Honey Drop, Copper Penny, Camoflaunge, Baby Pink, Plum Pop Price: RM60
  2. Hey babes.... I'm planning to celebrate my 21st birthday BIG! But I have no idea what shud I do? Tot of doing catering in the restaurant itself but do not know which restaurant offers such service. Anyone have any idea or any suggestion plzzz share it wit me yaaaa!! Thanks!!
  3. Yeaps.. there's a estaurant called gasoline rite beside the steakhouse. but nvr eat there b4
  4. muaxs

    Gold Coast

    hey u allll... have anyone been to gold coast? any suggestion for hotels,restaurants or anything interesting in gold coast? im goin wit a family of 6 plz help me out as i do not wanna follow tour.. thankssss
  5. hey u allll.....ive 1 assignment requiring me to come out wit a new brand using existing company. its like Guess is under FJ Benjamin. but i need brands which are bought by middle class ppl or shud i said more affordable than guess. so can anyone help me to listen out companies in the market??? thanks loaddsssss
  6. 4 models needed urgently for a lingerie show. Dont worry is not a 2 piece lingerie, its a type of inner wear to make women's body look more beauitful and curvy. the name of the lingerie is corset. the show is on Wednesday, 2th july 2008. showtime is 8.45pm til 9.30pm. 20 minutes walk only. Pay is RM150. Requirement at least 165cm and cup b. interview on Monday. Interested send ur profile to christina851111@yahoo.com
  7. I bought: Bootcut Jeans : 95 2 mini tube : 10 for each tube top : 39 so happy!!
  8. not sure whether is this the rite place to post tis.. but anyway, anyone know the telephone number for yoke nam badminton court??? or any badminton court in old klang road? thanks!!
  9. muaxs


    I'm thinking of getting k810i... but I cant decide whther to get ori or ap.. I heard ppl said SE ap not so good... suggestion plz!! thanks!!!
  10. im planning to take a flight to KY the day b4.. anyone know a cheap yet clean resoer where i can stay for a nite?
  11. can i noe which resort u stayed in? i book directly from the resort. n they said it is not provided... sighhh...
  12. im goin to lang tengah and im not sure whther do they provide transport to merang jetty or not.. if i were to take bus to KT bus stop which bus shud i take? 8 hours journey is sooooo longgggg!!!
  13. I dunno whether is tis the rite place to post this topic.. sorry ya anyway.. can anyone tell me where to take bus to Terengganu, Merang Jetty? n which bus is the most comfortable!!! thank you sooo muchhhh!!!!
  14. muaxs

    Cosmetic Pouch

    where can i find Lulu Belle?
  15. muaxs

    Cosmetic Pouch

    heyyyyy..... anyone know where can I get a nice cosmetic pouch? really need 1... hehehhe...
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