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  1. Hi babes, just would like to share something i came across today! Did you know that as you gain extra weight, your body will be either become apple or pear shaped? 
  2. This seems counter-intuitive but does it work :D
  3. Thanks for the feedback Carmen :), after you've done the surgery, did the doctor tell you what to do to maintain your body shape? Like whether to decrease your calorie intake or do a lot of exercise? Also, are there post treatment sessions after the surgery? Sorry for asking a lot hehe.
  4. I've been hearing about many people who've gained weight not long after undergoing liposuction. For those who have a lot of fat removed, how long did your results last? If you gained weight after surgery, did the weight affected your body proportions? Do you have to decrease calories or increase exercise to maintain the post-surgery body? I am really concerned that I will go through my surgery and end up putting on weight in other areas of the body. I am in the normal weight range and do life a healthy lifestyle, so I think that I would be all right, however I am really surprised and concerned.