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  1. Last Sunday, my electric door was broken by a motorist, and I don’t know where got the electric door repair. After I ask my friends, and I found that Purchase king provides auto gate install and service. Who is and what is Purchase King actually?   Purchase King is an online shopping center that provides variety of products and services. I can’t aspect that they have auto gate install and services.   I and my family very satisfy with the Chinese uncle workman services.   What is important is I felt safety when that uncle was Chinese. By the way, I am not the racist people. I just tell you the truth. Could you imagine, if that workman comes to service your electric door is an Indian, and you just a young housewife, do you think you are dangerous while your husband is working or outstation?   I won’t say more about that. You think yourselves. What I can recommend you all is this service really not bad. Here I have the contact number of the Chinese uncle workman, 012-6331800, or you may surf the Purchase King website http://www.pk.oc.my/ to see the full services supply by them.   
  2.          无所事事的我,不知为何就来到了一家咖啡馆,算了既然来了就坐下吧。。。   好特别的咖啡馆,既然给我来了一杯吧生传统咖啡味道的 “CUPPUCCINO“。!!!   不过这一杯传统味道的CUPPOCCINO,喝了让我有个很奇怪的想法,“身为女人一定要活得优雅高贵,当然也少不了漂亮。” 她可以是平凡的女人,但是不能没有自己的味道。这点应该大家都认同吧。   男人喜欢把女人归纳为红酒,可是我告诉你,女人现在可以是杯咖啡,而且还是杯传统的咖啡。红酒,有什么好?你如果是杯拥有轰轰烈烈爱情的红酒,活得死去活来,一身戴着珠宝钻戒,各种名牌在身上围绕,那到头来,你还剩什么?谁可以帮我解答呢?   我觉得把女人归纳为一杯传统的咖啡,更来得实际。也许,你的生活没有像红酒一样红红火火,却拥有着红酒羡慕的幸福。你的生活平凡,不受控制,想流浪就流浪吧,无需看他人的眼光办事。   我衷心希望当你端起杯子的时候,你品尝的不再是那杯红酒,而是那一杯传统咖啡。       她叫KLANG ESPRESSO,没有其他资料了,你们自己找找吧!:)
  3. *_^ 说到巴生,大家只想到肉骨茶而已吧?当然,没错!可是,这里却有 一个好介绍呀!它,不是肉骨茶, 不是普通的茶餐室,而是巴生 Klang Espresso咖啡茶馆!它位于Jalan Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, 换句话说呢,就在兴华独立中学附近的那一排店,只要到那儿, 你便享受你没美好的咖啡时光了!   一走进咖啡厅 ,你便会 闻到浓浓咖啡的香味。你听到的是 咖啡厅里 的爵士音乐。柔柔的、轻快地 、在点杯摩卡咖啡 ,你的全新美好的 一天即可愉快的开始啦 ! :takepicture:    咖啡厅里提供 各式各样的咖啡、拉茶、绿茶、巧克力、冰沙等等 ! 当然 最出名的还是Klang Espresso传统风味啦!而且价钱蛮公道的, 只为RM3.50而已。 :takepicture: 咖啡厅里还有年轻人最爱的漫画壁画,那是学生自己创作的哦! 他们可是有参加过THEONE ACADEMY创作比赛的同学!动漫迷可 别错过哦!记得来观赏这漂亮又精致的动漫壁画! :pissed: *_^    此外,咖啡厅的咖啡师的确是很亲切及和蔼可亲,他们会用心的泡您点的饮料和特调!话说,咖啡师的名字都很特别哦,一个叫“魔王”,而另一个叫 “FISH”,也就是 “鱼”啦。   无法不承认的这里的咖啡的确好喝,卖相很好,而 且整个环境非常舒服,员工或咖啡师不都特别的彬 彬有礼,跟顾客的互动多,整体来说整个店很赞! 至于价钱方面呢,当然是大家的消费范围里面啦!   当然,Klang Espresso咖啡厅还有提供免费的wifi啦!在这 里,你可以无线上网!   营业时间为每逢星期一至星期六早上八点至下午七点。 预知更多详情,您可以浏览Klang Espresso 官方面子书网   https://www.facebook.com/kafei.chaguan?fref=ts&ref=br_tf   请点击以下: http://www.klangespresso.com/   全马首创Espresso传统咖啡, 你喝过了吗?味道香浓口感浓郁,绝对另有风味。今天就来挑战一杯吧!
  4. *_^  :shocking:  :puke: Klang Espresso, you should not miss a good cup of coffee !! Whenever we talk about Klang, first sight we will see and think about Bak Kut Teh right? Of course, that's right! But here, we have new intro! It is not Bak Kut Teh, not an ordinary tea meals restaurants, but is Klang Espresso coffee tea! It is located in Jalan Persiaran Raja Muda Musa. In other words, it located near the SMJK Xin Hua, nearby row of shops, go there, you will enjoy your coffee time there with wonderful mood!   When you entered the cafe, you will smell the coffee bean. Inside all is about Jazz music. Dough, briskly, with a cup of mocha, your wonderful day may start at there!   Coffee shop offers a variety of coffees, lattes, tea, chocolate, smoothies and more! And of course, the most famous in Klang Espresso is Klang Espresso traditional flavor! The price there is quite reasonable, with RM3.50 only you may have a cup of nice coffee there !   There have young people favorite cafe cartoon murals, it was drawn by students in Klang! For those who are animation fans, you should not miss it to watch this beautiful and delicate frescoes anime!   In addition, the cafe barista is very cordial and amiable, they will point you in the heart of the bubble drinks and special tone! As we know, the barista's name is very special, they called "devil" and another called "fish". LOL   The coffee in Klang Espresso is really tasty, and the whole environment is very comfortable, the staff or the barista very polite, they do more interaction with their customer!   Of course, Klang Espresso cafe also offers free wifi! You may have wireless access to the internet!   The opening session is from 9am to 7pm every Monday to Saturday.   For more information, you can visit the official Facebook page Klang Espresso https://www.facebook.com/kafei.chaguan?fref=ts&ref=br_tf   Please click on the following: http://www.klangespresso.com/     Malaysia's first traditional Espresso coffee, do you drink it before? Fragrant and creamy taste, you should have a try!
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