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  1. i'm using nokia navigator now(present by my bf for my graduation)...my previous pink motorola kena curi by my old fren...u shouldn't trust ur long lost fren(god knows what they ve been up to).
  2. how much will it cost me if i wanna buy the trekkies from the pavilion store?
  3. i'm interested with the brown oversized leather tote....can u reserve it for me?
  4. i received my belt yesterday n i love it!!!definitely will buy more n more from u.
  5. i think(if not mistaken la) u might have tinea versicolor.it is a common fungal infection...u can go to this site to know more about it.http://www.medicinenet.com/tinea_versicolor/index.htm
  6. is the black stylist cottontop with belt still available?is it free size?
  7. went today...price is not that cheap.most of the perfume cost more than rm100...i thot i can get at least 2 perfume with rm150 but only managed to buy 1..Armani City Glam(rm120) and 1 biotherm sunblock for RM70.
  8. 36D

    i know how you feel, mixybabe.well, i'm not 36C, but more to 34E!(the genes run in the family)REALLY HARD TO FIND A DECENT BRA, much more to make ppl not to stare at ur asset.let them stare!i wear whatever tops that i want.the key point here is, find the right bra to wear.don't buy those cheap bras.invest some money to buy the one that really ur size.the right bra will make ur asset look nicer....
  9. i'm eyeing on revlon's new blusher...the one with gold swirls...is it good?will it gives u the illuminating effect?
  10. the products awesome!i managed to convinced my mom to switch to Origins too.my pores seems to get smaller and less breakouts too.
  11. went to origins mid valley the other day, bought new cleanser-mint wash. i was using checks and balances b4 but now switching to new line..no particular reason tho, just suka-suka. i wanna buy united states toner too coz mine is almost finish but there are some problem with their united states toner(have some kind of floating particles in the toner)so the SA recommend me to wait for another batch to arrive. the SA is very generous in giving free samples!!i managed to persuade the SA to give me more samples.. so, currently i'm using mint wash cleanser, united states toner, balance diet moisturizer, clear improvement mask, a perfect world for eyes and plentidote mega mushroom face serum.
  12. hye....plz help me.i really wanna know how much is Dior Gaucho bag?
  13. carl's Jr reopened?good news!!i used to go to carls' Jr everyday when i was 13,14 coz my school is nearby bird park.i was in afternoon session but i always go to skool in the morning coz i will make a stop at carls' jr first. they use the brown bun instead of white and it was soooo yummy.i'm going to OU this evening....
  14. hi...could i join WLSG?i'm 167cm and i weighted around 69kg.it used to be 72 but i managed to loose some weight by controlling my food intake.my target weight is 60-62 kg bcoz i am big boned.i used to tip the scale at 59 but it just dun look right on me(too much cheekbones and bones sticking out..eheh)i read sumwhere earlier about brown rice drinks....is it working?do u have to replace my meal(breakfast,lunch,dinner)with it or just drink it whenever i feel like it?
  15. i always go to Claire's in Bangsar park(2nd floor, around mahbub restaurant).not a fancy, high-end salon but really affordable and nice haircut.for a simple wash, cut and blow they'll charge u rm35.my mom did some highlighting before(shoulder length) costs only rm100.Mimi(the hairstylist)also offer make up service.she charge my sister for her majlis bertunang about rm80(make up and hair).for me, this place is the best, and the cheapest in bangsar.