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    AnIMALiC!!!plaYing ta ORGAN??
  1. i am looking for 100 % pure bee's wax and shea butter!! Kindly drop me a mail at yawyau@yahoo.com.
  2. definately need whitening skin care?? makeup also can achieve, ya have to buy foundation that is porcelain white to achieve that loOK.besides make up, i think this photo have been photoshop as well..
  3. for me, the bird's nest mask is good. this is the only mask that gives me the hydration that last for 3 days.most of those expensive masks/ hydration treatment onlylast1day on my skin.. thismask is even better as compared to expensive facials... at times facial does not give my skin hydration at all.. thumbs up..for watson's mask
  4. [this is the face of the day thread... hm...
  5. if you have alot of acne scars, i think it is better to use revlon liquid foundation for oily skin, or perhaps use bb cream. me myself have congested ance skin, and i use dr brightening bb cream
  6. Dina, i think it is better for ya to do hydrating mask( Neutrogena) and clay mask(St Ives).. once ya skin is hydrated it wun produce much oil.if not it wud produce more and more oil... but masking does help alot.. if still can't then have to use hydrating serum , for example Skin Formulation, Hydro Aqua Essense
  7. oil control .. .i think drg brightening balm can do the job well
  8. yea. i do.. normally i will match it with a half cap.. mine is a one piece like a dress.
  9. me myself using za tinted moisturiser... not bad as it would not give me break outs!
  10. haha.. thanks white angel... tat was when i try not to give him some dog treats... thn snap tat wai sek look!! he looks like all ta saliva melting over his beard!
  11. http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w227/ya...5-07_baubei.jpg hello there.. tis is my silky terrier... his name is beautiful..
  12. oh god. i think my picture izzit to large?? anyone could help me? this is my first time posting image in here... ..
  13. hello thr cheaka. this is ta only picture tat i cud upload because there is a prob with my usb.. tis picture has been capture on tha third week this joey being OOP. now she is 3months old.. ..indeed it is a she. i have name her bibi. this picture has been taken on 4 may 07
  14. cheaka?yeah i will post it up.. have to wait till my bf come back to iph thn oni i will upload coz my cam can't really capture... lol... in terms or clearness of the pic hehe