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  1. I use as well.
  2. You might want to do a bit more search to make your facts right. I'm not sure if lemon is acidic when digested. In fact, my impression is lemon juice will have alkalising effect.
  3. Only go for shell.
  4. Travel might means different thing to different ppl, coz everyone is looking for different things during that period, i'm pretty interested in what you gals/guys looking for. I have a friend who only look for shopping !!! Yes, she only travel to hong kong and thailand, do nothing but shop and shop. She went bangkok a few times, but i wonder if she had visited any of the temples. Another friend of mine like big cities, she never travel overseas because of budget constraint, but if given a chance, she would prefer to go for cities like sydney, tokyo, etc. As what she explained, she grown up in a village, so she would like to see more in the city side. I also got friends who like hiking, so he always go for water and mountains For me, I'm more into "experience". I like to experience different culture, different style, city or moutain is fine with me. I've been to a few cities, if i didnt try to learn the culture or their life style there, all the old historical buildings will look the same to me. Right now I would prefer places like turkey, tibet, etc.
  5. D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D - European Trance, Techno, Hi-NRG... we can't define it! Using iTunes.
  6. Pokemon Go is here. Anyone playing?
  7. hi!
  8. Watched "The Foreigner"
  9. Pay for better tyres, for performance, comfort and safety.
  10. Saw this from Internet, no chance to try yet. # Use as YouTube Downloader. ( How to download Youtube video? ) # Use as Embedded YouTube Downloader.( How to download Embedded Youtube video? ) # Use as Dailymotion Video Downloader. ( How to download Dailymotion video? ) # Use as Embedded Dailymotion Downloader.( How to download Embedded Dailymotion video? ) # Use as Metacafe Video Downloader. ( How to download Metacafe video? ) # Use as Embedded Metacafe Downloader.( How to download Embedded Metacafe video? ) # Use as Google Video Downloader. ( How to download Google video? ) # Use as Embedded Google Downloader.( How to download Embedded Google video? ) # Use as Myspace Video Downloader. ( How to download Myspace video? ) # Use as Embedded Myspace Downloader.( How to download Embedded Myspace video? ) # Use as iFilm Video Downloader. ( How to download iFilm video? ) # Use as Embedded iFilm Downloader.( How to download Embedded iFilm video? ) # Use as Videolog Video Downloader. ( How to download Videolog video? ) # Use as Embedded Videolog Downloader.( How to download Embedded Videolog video? ) # Use as FLV Downloader. ( How to Download FLV Files? ) # Use as Embedded FLV Downloader.( How to download Embedded FLV? ) # Use as Flash Video Downloader. ( How to Download Flash Video? ) # Use as Embedded Flash Video Downloader.( How to download Embedded Flash video? ) # Use as Flash Games Downloader ( How to download flash games? ). # Use as RapidShare Downloader ( How to download RapidShare files? ). # Download All in FireFox Using Orbit Downloader. # Use as Metalink Downloader ( How to download Metalink? ). # Use as Streaming Media Downloader ( How to download Streaming Media? ).
  11. Anyone can share the latest promo codes?
  12. Ming

    Ming Full Name : Chiang Lee Ming Age : 21 Height : 161 cm Weight : 42 kg Vital Stats : 31 - 23 - 34 in Profession : Graphic designer Hometown : Malacca SMS to vote, send DREAM 08 to 33001
  13. just another dumb spam .....
  14. Fast and Furious
  15. I guess is due to the humid weather here and your body still not used to it. Have you tried vitamin E?
  16. 我也这么认为。 家具我比较喜欢Lorenzo和Rustica. 有点贵,可是品质蛮好的。
  17. Right now i'm drinking that first thing in the morning, can't observe any difference yet, hope that is good for me I'm drinking this: Bragg - Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother
  18. 1. Stay Away From Too Skinny Those pecs are hard work so go one size down to show them off, but just be mindful to not to go overboard. This tip especially applies to jeans and pants—nobody wants overstuffed sausages for legs. Bonus tip: go for a stretchy material that helps to accommodate bulk. 2. Go Back to Basic If you’ve already got a muscular build, focus on basic shirts. Let your body do all the talking, not the word “dope” emblazoned across your rippling chest. Neutral colours work well, and stick to subtler patterns. 3. Get a New Best Friend We don’t mean that you should necessarily ditch the friends who skip leg day (hi Marcus!). Make your tailor or custom shirt maker your new best friend. We don’t mean that you should necessarily ditch the friends who skip leg day (hi Marcus!), but chances are regular clothes will be too tight at the top, and you’ll be left with a billowing waist area if you size up. The best part about custom? It’s literally made just for you.
  19. Which area are you looking at?
  20. I'm in the process of sourcing, and compiling some of the labels' website URL for you to get more information as well as do some online shopping if possible. If you have any to add, do PM me.
  21. Tabata workout is quite popular now, I think it works quite well.
  22. For those who buy supplements and baby snack from, there will be an additional 10% discount. Hurry up !!!   For those who haven't explore, you can take a look at the website and compare the prices. I used to shop a lot with local/international sites for supplements and baby products, but I starting to shop a lot more with iherb. Although it still cannot replace Amazon    If you don't have any existing code, you can use my discount code: SHS224 to get additional US$10.00 discount. I will get small token for referral as well    I will share my shopping cart next time, some of my frequently buy products include:   Happypuffs -  US$3.85     Happyyogis - US$4.50     Organic Honey - US$15.10     Pink salt, Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, Omega 3, CoQ10, seasoning, etc.
  23. May be due to the weather, may need to spend additional effort to keep your scalp clean.
  24. I like perfume also
  25. Are you looking for wipe, cleansing solution for toys, milk bottle or?