Lacey-Sleeves A-Line Top (Code:R2097)

[color=#000080][b]Lacey-Sleeves A-Line Top[/b][/color]
[color=#000080](Code: R2097)[/color]
[color=#000080]A-line loose-fitting casual top with lacey sleeves. Fully lined.[/color]
[color=#000080][i]Measurement[/i]: Length – 68cm, Bust – 98cm, Shoulder – 32cm, Sleeve Length – 18cm, Waist – 114cm, Hem – 120cm[/color]
[color=#000080][i]Material[/i]: Chiffon & Lace[/color]
[color=#000080][i]Colour[/i]: Blue[/color]
[color=#800080][i]Price[/i]: [b]RM37[/b][/color]
[color=#000080]Please visit [/color][url=""][color=#000080][/color][/url][color=#000080] for details. Thank you.[/color]

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