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  3. Hello, it's great that I stumbled upon this forum although I'm not sure if this is the right section to post my question. However, I would appreciate some answers. Could someone give me an advice about where would be a good idea to get in touch with potential business partners in Malaysia that would be interested to sell/distribute a German cosmetic brand? The brand caries various products (such as tri-hyaluron serums, apple stem cell hyaluron masks, DNA cream masks, hyaluron hand creams, protective primers, neck creams). Those potential partners/sellers should be familiar at least with the cosmetics in Malaysia. I would be happy to share more information about the brand and products
  4. I also went to Frank few days ago..he is good as usual but cautious because of covid. Planning to keep it monthly as I did not get chance.
  5. Yes Ifieza ....I went for appointment yesterday..you are right Frank postponed all appointments to July...the appointment was very good..planning to go again next month ..just self declare correctly..if you have any symptoms please quarantine yourself. ..safety is important
  6. Hey everyone, can someone recommend me a window store in Toronto? I am looking for bay and bow windows. My neighbor suggests a residential window installation company in Toronto. Anyone here has any prior experience with them? What about their service? Do they offer any warranty on their products?
  7. Great propensities are the ones that carry inspiration to you, your well-being, and everyone around you. Having great propensities advantage you over some stretch of time. Then again, unfortunate propensities influence your way of life contrarily. Be it your body or your skin, it influences them both antagonistically. You need to implement at least a few anti-aging lifestyle solutions that is Avoid Smoking Increase intake of Anti-Oxidants Fermented Foods Protein Avoid Sugar Sleep properly Digest Healthy Fats Exercise Daily Managing Stress properly , and more. Listed above are the tips for living a healthy and anti-aging lifestyle. We know that some of these can be a little hard to follow through since they have been your habits
  8. Hello everyone. We just bought a house and purchased furniture from Surplus freight furniture. Now we are trying to decide how to layout furniture in our family room area. The house we bought has a very unique set-up and has a pretty open floor plan. We really want to do a sectional of some sort, because we love a good comfy couch with probably a skinny sofa table right behind it- towards the kitchen. Any ideas? Please share.
  9. We offer flexible loans and funding for various projects.This loan allows client to enjoy payback for as low as 3% interest for a period of 10 or more years. We can approve a loan/cash for up to USD 500,000,000.00 or more depending on the amount you want for your business. We are currently funding for: *Business Expansion * Commercial Real Estate project * Personal loan and business loan are open to having a good business relationship with you, please do not hesitate to contact us Email:namastecredit01@gmail.com call or add us on what's app +447466970046
  10. Match Info 7/15/2020 (Wednesday) English Premier League Livescore 00:00 Burnley - Wolves00:00 Manchester City - Bournemouth AFC00:00 Newcastle United - Tottenham Hotspur02:15 Arsenal - LiverpoolItalian Serie A00:30 AC Milan - Parma00:30 Bologna - Napoli02:45 Udinese - Lazio02:45 Sassuolo - Juventus02:45 AS Roma - Veronafor info foorball predictions, livescore, odds and livestreaming klik HERE your prediction guyss?? Comment here ⬇️⬇️⬇️
  11. Hi there, Has anyone undergone a keyhole top surgery? I 'm a trans man and I'm planning to undergo a keyhole top surgery. I'm tired of living in a woman's body. So, I think this surgery would help me. I wish to know if this procedure has any down side to it? And how soon can I recover? It would be great, if anyone can share your experience. Thank you!
  12. Hi everybody, It's been 8 years since we got married and we don't have a child. Life is dull without kids and we have been experiencing this for a long time. We got a mutual decision to adopt a baby. So we are looking for a lawyer to discuss the adoption formalities. Does anybody know any good lawyers in Hamilton? A friend of mine suggested this family lawyer in Hamilton. Have you heard about them? Please leave some suggestions. Thank you!
  13. Hello everyone, Myself Amelia and I'm new to the forum. I hope you all are safe and healthy!
  14. Nowadays all person using dryer which makes hair so fizzy and puffy and after using hair dryer you can take massage with the best sesame oil brands in India which make hair so smooth and you can use hair dryer.
  15. Actually Frank postponed appointments to July cos of mco.
  16. https://shrinkme.io/0svv8IPU I have force myself to post these tips for loss your weight in other ways. Loss weight doesn't means you only doing exercise but there are more ways.
  17. This is a sharing post which I wish to have connection with you all. Did you try online gambling before? Anything special to share? I try yes8 and find its actually very fun.
  18. This is the perfect article for the skincare and shampoo. For the skin care there are lots of products which can help to you to get glowing skin and I also want to share of my experience that I have used the best fairness cream for dry skin.
  19. The Only International Gold-Focused Trade Exhibition in Southeast Asia Date : 12 – 14 October2020 Time : 11am – 6pm Venue : Setia SPICE Convention Centre Admission : Open to Trade ONLY The Penang Signature Gold & Jewellery Fair (PSG) 2020 returns to the capital of Malaysian gold jewellery! Exclusive to gold and jewellery traders, industry players and retailers, this gold trade exhibition presents the latest designs, technology, machinery and unlimited business opportunities. Visit the only gold trade exhibition in Southeast Asia with our Hosted Buyer Program, a program tailored to your needs as you travel to Penang. With nights at 4-star hotels included free of charge, you just can’t say no! This trade show brings together international and local manufacturers under the same roof, showcasing the industry’s latest and greatest at its best. Supported by the local authorities, Penang Signature Gold & Jewellery Fair is the destination for all players in the gold and jewellery trade industry. FAIR HIGHLIGHTS 1. Elegant Gold Jewellery Runway Shows 2. Professional Industry Seminars 3. International Gold Summit 4. International Networking Night 5. Hosted Buyer Program For more details, please visit: http://www.elite.com.my/penanggold/
  20. hello~ Nice to meet you all. Love ya Yes8

  21. Today's challenge at most homes such as condos, it is difficult to remove and clean your curtains. Do you know curtains collects dust, dust mites and its the main contributor for allergy, bacteria growth, body rashes and your sleepless nights. Kleen Asia Services offer professional on-site non-removal curtain cleaning service, drapes, blackout, sheer curtain cleaning service. Have you noticed the dust that’s collected on your curtains in recent months? Curtains tend to absorb smells from around the home, such as dust from outside, cooking and cigarette smoke, which can leave the curtains smelling less than fresh and cause slight discoloration. These stains may be very noticeable on light-coloured or delicate curtains. Shabby looking investment properties with dirty curtains, drapes or office blinds are harder to rent to great tenants. The latest method in curtain cleaning process mean that there is no need for the curtains to be taken down in order for the cleaning process to progress. Watch the video click here. Our latest technology using steam extraction cleaning is effective in removing allergens, dust, kills & removes bacteria effectively, you save time & money and convenience we coming to your home and clean on-site. No removal of curtains necessary and curtains will be cleaned instantly at your site. Why curtain, drapes, blinds, steam extraction curtain cleaning? On-site cleaning No curtain removal Fast steam cleaning and drying & safe method with no downtime No shrinkage or damage to materials No risk of color damage Powerful extraction remove dust, kill bacteria, & dust mites
  22. Your furniture is one of your biggest investment and upholstery gets dirty quickly, and seems to attract spots and spills. Now there is a specialized treatment and process to clean your sofa it is called steam cleaning sofa Our certified & experience technicians are specially trained on sofa cleaning to care all fabric & leather types, sofa, office chair, office partition and all types of fabric and leather upholstery. We give extra attention to trouble spots and use specialized equipment, for more powerful extraction and quicker drying. Our 3 in 1 upholstery care function as to remove stains, dirt spots, dusts, secondly sanitize to disinfect germs, harmful bacteria and steam extraction to remove dust mites effectively; and thirdly leaving your sofa & upholstery smells fresh after cleaning with our deodorizer. For leather cleaning we have use specially formulated alkaline solutions to remove stains, disinfect germs & bacteria and apply recommended leather wax for prolonging leather life, protection against crack and shine. For fabric upholstery and sofa we use two-step cleaning that is the steam extraction cleaning sofa system includes a specially formulated safe & eco-friendly alkaline solutions and rinse using steam extraction that removes cleaning solution residue right along with deep-down dirt – leaving nothing behind but clean, fresh-smelling fabric and sanitize your upholstery or sofa.
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  24. Actually Frank started giving appointments. I got mine through email for June end. His email ..no changes. ..still same... frank196656@yahoo. com
  25. Hi Yes Frank will only accept appointments after MCO ends...I already got appointment for middle of june.
  26. I also cannot get appointment from Frank keeps telling safety is important. Anyway I agree with him. ...he said from June can...so just waiting for June
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